The MCA Moldova team informed the Moldovan diaspora in the USA about the Compact achievements

A delegation of MCA Moldova headed by Valentina Badrajan, the entity’s executive director, is on a business trip to USA where they have had meetings with the representatives of the Moldovan diaspora in the USA and the Millennium Challenge Corporation team (MCC).

During the meetings the MCA Moldova team presented the Compact achievements and discussed the economic opportunities created in Moldova through the U.S. Government’s investments in the road and farming infrastructures. They exchanged views about the investment opportunities for creation and development of small and medium businesses in the Compact rural areas and also presented the initiatives already in progress.

The Moldovan diaspora representatives also learned that the principles that guided the Compact implementation were transparency, competitive procurements, consultation of beneficiaries and others.

Another issue addressed during the MCA Moldova’s visit to the USA was continuation of assistance in the irrigation sector for the next two years, the action plan and methodology to support Water Users’ Associations that will manage the irrigation systems rehabilitated with the Compact funds. Finally, the MCA Moldova and MCC teams shared their opinions about the monitoring and evaluation activities for the Compact results and impact after the Compact end.


Domestic fruits will be competitive on the European markets when modern storage and processing technologies will be applied
It is a member of the Association of Fruit Producers and Exporters „Moldova-Fruct” and one of the companies that are allowed to export fruit to Russia.
Interest rates on Compact loans have dropped
The annual interest rates on the Compact Credit Facility loans provided to participating banks revised in May 2012 will apply till August 31, 2012.
1 USD from Compact loans causes 1.74 USD to be invested in post-harvest infrastructure in Moldova
11 loans amounting to 2.94 million USD were provided by the end of May for investments in construction of cold storage and procurement of associated equipment for storing fresh fruit and vegetables and other investments in post-harvest infrastructure in Moldova.