Aim and Objectives

The Road Rehabilitation Project will support rehabilitation of a 93 km segment of the M2 national road that starts at the Sarateni junction and goes to the Soroca rayon up to the Drochia junction. This road connects the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine for private, passenger and commercial traffic and has been prioritized by the Moldovan Government in its National Development Strategy and Land Transport Infrastructure Strategy to provide an efficient transport system that will facilitate opportunities for trade in domestic and international markets and the mobility of its citizens in the long run. 

The Sarateni-Soroca road is a paved two lane road that is extremely deteriorated. 60 percent of the road surface requires full rehabilitation. At present this road segment is used by about 300 000 people. The rehabilitation of the Sarateni-Soroca road will increase the incomes of the local population by reducing costs of transport, goods and services; reduce the losses to the national economy caused by the bad condition of roads and the number of road accidents through improved traffic conditions.

The road rehabilitation will entail:  

-rehabilitation and enhancement of the road system,

-replacement or rehabilitation of the associated structures, such as bridges and culverts, drainage systems etc.  

-improvement of road safety. 

Additionally, the Road Rehabilitation Project provides investments into environment and social surveys and development and implementation of a resettlement action plan for this part of road.


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