Monitoring and Evaluation

The Compact Monitoring and Evaluation Plan (M&E Plan) is the key tool used to plan and manage the monitoring, evaluation of and reporting on the progress in achieving the Compact objectives. The plan is based on a logical model which shows how the Program, projects and activities will lead to achieving Compact goals and objectives. The monitoring and evaluation components are the key pillars of the plan.

The monitoring component describes the system and process of collecting data on a regular basis needed to identify and analyze the progress achieved and helpful when making management decisions. The monitoring component determines the indicators, performance objectives and the details of the data collection and reporting plans. The indicator system has five levels and is based on the Program objectives and MCC Common List of Indicators. The values of indicators were set for each component after conducting relevant studies for gathering primary data and rigorous economic analyses and using the method of calculating efficiency of investment projects (internal rate of return). According to the MCC Monitoring and Evaluation Policy and as far as it was possible, the indicators were disaggregated by gender, age, income and types of beneficiaries.

The task of the evaluation component is to conduct research and surveys to find out if the Compact Program produces the expected impact on its beneficiaries and to what extent that impact is due to Program implementation. This component includes the evaluations to be conducted under each project and specifies the period and type of evaluations, the primary and secondary issues subject to analysis, the proposed methodological approaches, and describes the process of primary data collection and reporting on results. 

MCA-Moldova Role. MCA-Moldova is in charge of M&E Plan implementation and manages all the monitoring and evaluation activities laid out in this plan.

Transparency. The Steering Committee and Millennium Challenge Corporation will be provided all data about the Program performance, including the contents of the M&E Plan, the progress reports and other relevant documents that will also be posted on MCA-Moldova website and in other media. 


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