More storage capacity for fruits and vegetables

The capacity of the cold storage facilities for fruits and vegetables in Moldova has increased with more than 19 thousand tons due to the Compact loans made to agricultural entrepreneurs.

For investments in the post-harvest infrastructure 34 loans were made by early June 2014. Most of them were invested in the construction of or procurement of new equipment for cold storage facilities. Farmers also invested the loan funds in procurement of equipment for sorting and processing of fruits and vegetables, construction of greenhouses, procurement of vehicles to carry the products etc. These investments will enable the producers to quickly respond to the market demand and stand firm to negotiate better prices for agricultural produce.

On the other hand, the Compact loans have generated additional investments in agriculture. Every U.S. dollar loaned from the Compact Credit Facility caused 1.3 U.S. dollars to be additionally invested in the post-harvest infrastructure. 


Domestic fruits will be competitive on the European markets when modern storage and processing technologies will be applied
It is a member of the Association of Fruit Producers and Exporters „Moldova-Fruct” and one of the companies that are allowed to export fruit to Russia.
Interest rates on Compact loans have dropped
The annual interest rates on the Compact Credit Facility loans provided to participating banks revised in May 2012 will apply till August 31, 2012.
1 USD from Compact loans causes 1.74 USD to be invested in post-harvest infrastructure in Moldova
11 loans amounting to 2.94 million USD were provided by the end of May for investments in construction of cold storage and procurement of associated equipment for storing fresh fruit and vegetables and other investments in post-harvest infrastructure in Moldova.