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MCA Moldova Bid Challenge System

MCA Moldova Roster of candiadtes for Tribunal Members

Richard Yaw Keynes Boadi  
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Hugo Enrique Elvir Castillo   Download CV
Carlos J. Chamorro   Download CV
Maria Elena Ramirez Dominguez   Download CV
Victor Durlesteanu   Download CV
Federico B. Gimenez   Download CV
Goran Matesic   Download CV
Jacqueline F. Nolen Partridge   Download CV
Ruben Salgado   Download CV
Constantin Tanase   Download CV










MCA-Moldova shall entertain a complaint from any Supplier that claims that it has suffered, or may suffer, a loss or injury due to a breach of duty by MCA-Moldova in the conduct of the procurement process. Any complaint shall be submitted in writing (may be in electronic form) to MCA-Moldova within 5 working days of when the Supplier submitting the complaint became aware, or should have become aware, of the circumstances giving rise to the complaint. Unless the complaint is resolved by mutual agreement, MCA-Moldova shall, within 15 days after submission of the complaint, issue a written decision stating the reasons for the decision and, if the complaint is upheld in whole or in part, indicating the corrective measures that are to be taken. The complaint shall be addressed to the following address:

Millennium Challenge Account – Moldova
Attention: The Executive Director
(copy to the Procurement Director)
N. Iorga str., 21, Chisinau, Moldova
Telephone: (+373 22) 85 22 99
Fax: (+373 22) 85 22 94
Email:  (cc:

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A Supplier may seek review by MCC only after it has exhausted all remedies with MCA-Moldova.  MCC’s review will be limited to complaints that MCA-Moldova failed to entertain its complaint, or failed to issue a written decision on the complaint, or claims that MCA-Moldova violated the MCC Program Procurement Guidelines.  The appeal to MCC must be received in writing (may be in electronic form) within 5 working days of the date the Supplier learned or should have learned of an adverse decision by MCA-Moldova or other basis of appeal to MCC.  The appeal shall be addressed to the following address:

Millennium Challenge Corporation
Attention: Vice President, Compact Operations
(copy to the Vice President and General Counsel)
875 Fifteenth Street, N.W.
Washington, DC 20005-2221
United States of America
Fax: (202) 521-3700

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